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    After Sunday completed 9 games in the game, the Baker Ham career has completed 301 battles, which makes him become a player in history. The previous record holders were Anquan Boldin, and he completed 300 bolts with 47 games.

    Baker Hamfield is 6.68 times, and two reacted in Sunday. However, it is not possible to help the giant to win, because the opposite eagle players Jack - Jake Elliott god allocated 61 yodi, killing the game.

    According to nfl jerseys TV reporter Tom Pelissero, the Claien plans to report to the team until the new season begins. Since the privileged label contract has not been signed, Claien will not be fined by the team due to the dismissal.

    Tiger cut off the attack, Cote, CD, Glen
    The US time is on Friday, the official announced that Condy Glenn is cut off. Glennas will take $ 9.5 million salary space, and the tiger can now make this part of the space, don't worry about death.

    After a year of the Philadelphia soul team in the indoor football league, McCz was awarded the award of the best defensive front line members of the alliance. Last summer he had taken five days in the eagle, but it was finally sick. After that, he still played the Qingdao Express in China, and then signed by Bill.

    However, although not participating in the training camp, Crawni will not prepare for the new season. According to reports, he is training and keep in touch with the team, and he has begun to study the tactical manual of the new season.

    Package workers attack, three gears 6 yards, Hendeli finds the idleness, but the next three offensive failed to get enough to get enough code. Steel people attack, a 10 yard, Da Bounded to Levian-Bell pushed 8 yards, Levian - Bell himself rushed down the first attack. Two gears 7 yards, big ourselves ran out the pockets to sway the huge body to advance the full 14 yards, but the three gear offensions were disturbed. A 10 yard, Jamal-Williams won the first attack. After that, the package workers consume time. The first half of the two teams warned to the flat hand, 14-14.

    The last 2 points 02 seconds! The steel man starts from this twenty-five yard. Two files 4 yards, Antonio - Brown balls are taken down. After 10 yards of this franchise, he handed over to Bell, and the latter took the new first attack along the edge. Two portals fail, three files 10 yards, big passed by Landel! The shooting distance is not enough to discover the kick, the packaging worker holds a pause for 1 minute and 20 seconds! The 18th code line starts, a 10 yard of Hendeli is killed by TJ-Watt, two files 16 yards, Jamar Williams will rush out of 5 yards. Three gears 13 yards, delayed delivery of Williams failed to get the first attack. The distance of shooting is not enough. A 10 yard, Antonio-Brown got a bare boller, and the last 13 seconds were suspended to attack half. A 10 yard, Brown has once again passed the ball to take a down to stop, and it is difficult to block the thirty line. The last 4 seconds ball stops in the thirty-five lines, 53 code shoots, Boswell's faster, the farthest kicks 51 yards, this shot successfully refreshed his career record, 28-31, and steel people will win the game.

    Ram and Safety Weirick-Wade Sign for two years
    Beijing March 9th, US Time, according to Cheap Nfl Jerseys NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, ram and safety Wei Rick-Wade (Eric Weddle) is a 2 year of 12.5 million The US dollar, the contract with a bottom salary of $ 10.5 million reached an agreement.

    Package workers attack, three-speed 12 yards, Hendeli tried to run out from the pocket directly to be killed. The steel man starts from the 40 yards of this part. A 10 yard bell has slipped out of the crowd. After the second file, 10 yards Bell actually appeared the ball was packed and rushed back to the ball.

    [Review of the event] The brave package is unable to win the game to help the steel man escape the birthday
    On November 27, Beijing time, the Green Bay Packaging Court Challenged one of the country of the United States, one of the leaders of the team. After the packaging work is broken, the record is not good, and the arrow is even more than one point to the array, and the steel man has recently attacked and defensive conditions very hot. The elite four-point guard expected before the season failed to be staged, and the four-dimensional Wei Heng Deli fell to catch the big scene of the night game on Monday.

    Texas people screwdrivers Guje Devian - Claien will not participate in the training camp
    Beijing July 24th, Houston Texas could not sign up with privileged players Jade, Jadene, Jade, JADEVEON CLOWNEY.

    The first quarter of the steel person first attack, and the wind is smooth. Big Ben Long Chuan Antonio-Brown won the first attack, and then found Bryant directly into the package 30 yards. Two files 12 yards, Levie - Bell Linger snake dance steps 11 yards close to the first attack, then pass the ball to win the first attack. Three gears 6 yards, big short pass Jessi-James suddenly goes to 4 yards. The subsequent three-speed package is tenacious, and the four steel people have resolutely choose the powerful gem. The big line is on the big line to find Greenboad! However, the additional points after the subsequent addition is not kick, 0-6.-image-


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