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    When Winston faces absence competition, the pirates have suffered cheap jerseys from china 4-game losing, they have become a team that only has a hosted team from the playoffs competitors. Pirates are disappointing in all aspects. It was originally considered to be powerful offensive group. At present, only one outer junction is more than 500 yards.

    "He has a lot of time, how much time you want," General Manager John Elway "said. "I think this will never be a quick decision. You won't want this is a quick decision. This is a decision that will change his life ... This is always a tough decision, so we will give him a lot of time."

    Latport also said that the steel man will want to renew him with him before the armor Antonio Brown. In 2017, Lock Bell and Brown will allow the steel person's offensive group to stabilize the steel person's offensive group when you enter the next year's Siwai-Roethlisberg career.

    Fitz Patrick will first lead the pirate to the old New York jet, and then facing Miami dolphins. If Winston also needs to be absent, Fitz Patrick also needs to lead pirates to Atlantan Falcon, Green Bay Package and Detroit Lion.

    "I don't know what happened inside, but some people have made mistakes," Monta is expressed in an interview. "I think you have tried everything you want to leave there when you see the whole situation. My experience is different. I made a decision to give me away. Obviously they will never send him. I Still don't understand how the patriot will let him leave the team. I don't understand this. "

    When asked how many times in this season, Charles said: "To tell the truth, I don't know. Sometimes I want to have 11 touch opportunities (in a game). Sometimes I still want 20 times, in fact, this is on the game itself. In fact, how can the coach give me a big thing? As long as I found the feeling of the game, now I feel that I am in the rhythm. I At the age of 27, I know what I want, I also know what my team wants me. "

    Winston was on the game against the New Orleans saints due to the shoulder injury in advance, and the injuries that were originally encountered before a month ago. Old will be out of Ryan Fitzpatrick, 15 passed 8 times successfully achieved 68 yards 1 time. The pirates finally 10-30 loses it.

    "This is not the problem of admiring strength," Montana talked about what he thought Braddy said. "He wants to control. I mean that he wants to have a lot of control. I don't know what Tampawan gave him, but at some time, you are just a player. You can try to get something you can, and do yourself Things to do, but in the end, your status still does not reach the decision who is hired who is the point of this kind of thing. "

    The 27-year-old Charles has just completed two years of renewal of the Emirates last month, and he will play for the Emirates to 2017. But Charles seems to be dissatisfied with this, he thinks he can play longer. "There is a day, I hope to enter the football celebration. I must keep health and hit 34 or 35 years. People always think that the running guards are 30 years old, but why can't I jump out of this kind of thinking to try Woolen cloth". Charles said like an interview.

    Although Mike's data fell, his performance is actually maintained in the past. In the score of professional football focused, he got 86.2 points. The overall performance of the bear defensive group is not good. Only 32 kills in the whole season, and the collapse of the league is twenty-four, and in the 2018 season, they have achieved 50 kills, and the third of the league is column third. But in any case, the bear team needs Mike and others to dedicate better.

    Winston's right shoulder lock joint twisted in the sixth week of the Rats of Arizona. The 30th pass of the Subpatrix of the substitute before the 32 times successfully achieved 290 yards 3 times, but it was still unable to lead the piracy.

    Famous Hall of 4 points Montana: Patriot let Bradi are a mistake
    When people talk about the example of joining a new team at the end of his career, Joe Montana is one of the most priorcted examples. The four-guards who have worked for the San Francisco 49 people and the Kansas city chiefs are just the idols of Tom Brady.

    Jamal Charles: Who said that running guards?
    Kansas City Emirates All-Star Junja Jamaal Charles said in an interview today in US (USA Today), said that he believes that alliance's heavy schedule will lead to his career shortened.

    However, many factors will affect the progress of contract discussions: Overseigh problems (in the past two seasons have been banned by the ban) and health problems (there is a knee injury in 2014 and 2015). Can I expect him to play in the future?

    Bell's data is the most powerful proof. Despite the lack of four games this season, he ranked first (28.0 times) and the total number of collections (157.0 yards) in the field (157.0 yards), and the number of horses (105.7 yards) ranked second .

    From the historical data, Charles took the 329 touch pushers last season, and the results of the 1980 yards were not unparalleled. Even in the last season, he is not the run of the total number of homes. But it is worth noting that last Sino McCoy leads the alliance with 366 touchballs, but this data is the lowest since 1990. Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China 's offensive tactics is getting more and more, and now there is almost no team chooses to have a running ball three times in a one-end attack. In response to this phenomenon, Charles also expressed their own ideas. "I think this phenomenon can be broken. Play and tactics can be changed."


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