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    Aguao is a two-round show in 2016, but unfortunately it is a stambuk. However, this year's presencing is still good, 3 times any ball shoot attempt, 6 additional points attempt, and completed the winning free kick in the last season of lightning.

    Stegis has entered his career sixth year, which has been working for dolphins with eagle. 3 times any ball shot tried to be 2 times, with additional minutes attempt 2 times. In the first preseason of lightning, he missed 41 码 任 任 门.

    -image-He will be replaced by the offensive teaching Steve Loney. The 64-year-old Rooney is 2015 as an offensive front line to assist with the cowboy, and he has also worked in the ram, pirates, Viking and the red rickets.

    Easy side battles, cowboy fast forward to the Redskins red zone, Cheap jerseys but running back DeMarco - Murray (DeMarco Murray) of the Redskins off the ball again regain the ball. Redskins failed step closer select punt, the Cowboys at every step to the Redskins 5 yards line, Romo short pass Hernandez - Bryant (Dez Bryant) to rewrite the score 3: 7. After both sides failed to score, halftime.

    Redskins find the rhythm in the second half, McCoy led the team at forward, and even a number of stalls 25 yards long code is also easily resolved, along with running back Alfred - Maurice (Alfred Morris) 5-yard line the ball into the end zone, red for the first time to complete the game touchdowns, 10: 7. After the Cowboys suffered heavy losses, poor pocket protection of the Redskins linebacker Keenan - Robinson (Keenan Robinson) straight into Romo, Romo dodge back was severely hit, Romo foot fall to the ground after the injury foot lying nearly five minutes, a great silence, to know back injury problems over the years plagued Romo, Cowboys backup quarterback Brandon can only come in - Vuitton (Brandon Weeden). Each side once abandoned after kick, Cowboys running back (DeMarco Murray) to find opportunities to move forward 51 yards to the end zone forefront of the Redskins, but after the third gear without success, the Cowboys hit the free kick to tie it at 10 level . With the Redskins wide receiver DeShawn - Jackson (DeSean Jackson) of the ball 45 yards to 8 yards denim line, the end of the third quarter.

    In the second year of career, Jackson attracted all his eyes with his own rapid growth. He became the leader of the league's history to advance 3000 yards in the single season, and also pushed the 1000 yard player. He is also the third young MVP in history.

    We all know that the ram has stayed in Los Angeles, but interesting is that this picture can only be connected to the ram and can not link to the Auckland raid, the latter is also in Los Angeles 20 years ago.

    Bill take over: Manuel is growing
    Buffalobier is currently 7 wins and 5 losses, still keeps the hope of the future playoffs. The front of the season, the team uses the young EJ-Manuel (EJ Manuel) as the first four-point guard, obtaining 2 wins and 2 losses. Subsequently, Doug Marrone decided to enable the old Kyle Orton.

    Redskins offensive guess the first to receive coins, according to the rules, as long as one of the first offensive touchdown of the game is over immediately, if the other party will get hit free kick chance to attack. Redskins in overtime to make every effort to complete a row after the wonderful free kick 40 yards hit the upper hand. All the pressure came here, cowboy, former Cowboys offensive third gear could not be converted successfully, forced to play a strong four-speed three yards, although Romo escaped the sack, but his teammates have long been surrounded Redskins defense group, with the pass the angular position Redskins Breland (Bashaud Breeland) destruction, 17:20 Cowboys lose the game.

    Woods believes that some quarters take longer to adapt to the level of professional competitions. For the team and teammates, everyone should help such a player and give him more patience and opportunities.

    74-year-old pointer coach Mike Pop announced retirement
    The denim coach group will lose a little experience this year. According to Dallas Media, the old neighboring edge coach Mike Pope decided to retire before his 75th birthday.

    Agua was told reporters on Thursday: "I feel that I have done very good, give me a chance, I can do it very well. After I have lived last year, I am very proud of myself. This season In the front match, I have already showed my ability. "

    Although the 2-year quarterfielder was abandoned, his teammates still saw his progress from the training. Entrepreneur Robert Woods revealed in an interview that Manuel learned many experience and skills from Oton, which helped him grow up. Woods said: "We have won a lot of competitions now, it is going to return to the season. For two quarters, the situation is really different. But I must say that EJ is progressing, he It has changed a day, it becomes better. He learned a lot from the first four points. I look forward to seeing him to use these skills one day. He is accumulating experience in another way. "


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