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  1. 4 months ago

    After defeating the opponent, Xiaoen Pelton dance in the locker room
    The game ended in the US Sunday, for the New Orleans Saints, more than just four years of returning to the season, and they also won their opponents.

    We have lost several games. Damn, we also lost a "super bowl". So, I will not lose my head because of 6 points of 6 points in the second week. In the past three seasons, we have experienced 2-0, 1-1 and 0-2, and we have entered the playoffs each year. So I entered the third week this season, I think we are quite good.

    When I get you very young, maybe I will let all emotions will erode me & mdash; & mdash; I will lose to the same opponent, away from the road, and there is no big light in the audience. But now I am mature, I realize what is called the mouse light & mdash; & mdash; there is no effect on the side, because you have to continue to move forward, welcome the next opponent.

    -image-Bulkonnarn careers for the first five years for the Effectiveness, playing wire guards and security. In the past two years, he also had the best performance in the first two years. He completed a total of 5 killing, 19 times caused the other party's lost code, and forced the ball, a copy.

    Suppose we lose to dolphins in the first week, EARL will also respond to the same reaction after the game, because after assessing its performance and the team's contribution, he is not satisfied with the results of the two. He is focused on what he can control.

    After the 2018 season, the red tones did not retain Buganong, and he finally signed with the pirate. In Tampa Bay, Bugan Agricultural Five games, completed 3 times, was sick in early October. The 2019 season of cloth is effective for giants, fighting for 9 games, completing 25 cockroaches.

    Wilke is effective in the new England Patriots in 2007 to 2012. It is this time experience to make him quickly grow into a top slot. When I was asked if I would like to return to the patriot, Wilke's answer was certain: "I will not refuse. That is a great team, no matter what, I can't knock them." 34 years old Wilke was 2 degrees in the season. If you can guarantee health, his experience can still be helpful for any team.

    Jackson did not confirm this possibility, he said that the players in the third episode were likely to be the first regular season. Look at the development of the current situation. It seems that Kaizer is not a regular season. Previously, Brown Siye Guard David-Li (David Lee) said Kaiser "Kung Fu is still not home."

    Brown will make BROCK Osweiler as a first quarter-off. The coach-Jackson announced this decision on Wednesday and said that Kaizer will be the second arrest (and will play in the first half), Cody Kessler The third appearance will be played. This is the second quarter of the first quarter, and he replaced Osville in the second quarter.

    Wilde said: "I want to play. I am still training, I am ready for the game. The longer the game, the more you want to return. I chose to indicate this time, but I am not me. The rise of the decision. In the past days, June and July, I have begun to train seriously. I look forward to finding new jobs. If the opportunity is coming, I will still go all out. "

    Osville will continue to serve as the second quarter of the second season of Brown.
    Beijing August 17th Cleveland Brown may be very excited to see the DESHONE KIZER DESHONE KIZER in the first episode, but Kaiser will not be in the preseason. The first four-point guard appeared.

    Vis Wilke does not exclude the possibility of returning to the patriot
    Old will take over Wellke Wes Welker, don't plan to leave the cheap nfl jerseys From china bench, although Denver Yam did not choose to renew him, but he still believed in a new job.

    Part of eager competition is self-motivated. We don't need to trainers to stare at our buttocks after the defeat. I will stare myself, I don't put it, everyone in our dressing room will be like this. Just like I have said before, our tenacious team is some people who kill red eyes & mdash; & mdash; a group of mad dogs. EARL is a typical example. In order to achieve better, he is willing to do anything. This is also his great reason. He is not complacent, even when he played outstanding.

    EARL is still harsh after winning, because he understands to treat the results of the winning responsive & mdash; & mdash; you must treat winning and losing the ball in the same way. Sometimes, this is hard to understand for our fans. it's fine. This is because they are very concerned about this team, but also care about our payment, this is also an important part.

    Do our best to listen to God, this is one of our motto. This sentence also explained why EARL left the dressing room on Sunday, and still came over early training, and completed the training in that week. Because he knows: When you are on Monday, you can't control what happened on Sunday. Every minute of tangled in your past life is wasting the time for you to prepare for the next week and the next opponent. At the same time, it is also the most likely to lead to back to the back.


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