Super URL Bug Fix

  1. 4 years ago


    15 Aug 2015 Administrator

    Hi guys,

    Thanks so much for all your feed back and reporting your issues and experiences to us. We are working hard through the weekend to address everything!

    We've just rolled out a new release of the site to fix a bug that had been reported regarding Super URLs. It was a display issue, the URLs were being displayed in Amazooka in the form of https, e.g.

    The correct URL should simply be http, e.g.

    Any Super URLs you have created so far should now be displayed properly in Amazooka and work correctly. You might need to refresh or shift-refresh the site in order to get the latest code.

    Keep the bug reports coming, please don't be afraid to use either our support contact form or this forum to get in touch with us. We really appreciate it.


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